Tune!It - Musical Instrument Tuning Software


Tune!It for Windows PC :

Tune!It versions for Android :

TuneIt for Android runs on all Android powered devices (phones and tablets) using Android 2.2 or higher.

Tune!It for Windows Pocket PC :

Tune!It's Pocket PC version is similar to the desktop version and requires a Pocket PC or Smartphone running Windows Mobile 2003 up to Windows Mobile 6.5 . It has a 30 days evaluation period.

To install connect your Pocket PC to your PC (with Activesync running) and click on setup file tuppc346.exe .

Note: This version is not supported anymore.

Custom Tuning files :

This custom tuning file contains various piano tunings including a "Well tempered clavier / full stretch tuning" created by Milton White.

To use those tunings in Tune!It just go to 'Tools' and then select 'Import Custom tuning' .

Tune!It's Help manuals: